Bat in the attic? Call 832-324-9035 Bat Removal- Animal Control-Wildlife Removal

Question: I found a bat in my house, what do I do?

English: Note: this is indicated as a big brow...
English: Note: this is indicated as a big brown bat if you search in the United States Fish and Wildlife Service website at using the keywords “big brown bat”. In a FWS newsletter, however, this is described as a little brown bat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Answer: Call a wildlife removal company that specializes in bat removal. If at all possible try to keep your eye on the bat. Some people are very scared of bats, For these people I would say close all doors so as to minimize were the bat can get to. This will make it easier for the bat pro to find the bat.

Question: Why are bats living in my attic?

Answer: As our civilization grows new construction is surely to follow. The building of new homes and neighborhoods slowly diminish the natural habitat of bats and eventually the bat colony will adapt or evolve. Once the bat colony realizes that the bat colony can survive in an attic, space or even chimney, the bat colony will take advantage of any small opening or gap to enter the structure.

Attics tend to be a hot spot when dealing with bat removal. Attic spaces make an ideal area. Attic spaces make for great protection against the elements and potential predators. Bats in your attic are simply trying to adapt or evolve to protect it’s species.

Question: Where did these bats come from?

Colony of Egyptian fruit bats in the Budapest Zoo
Colony of Egyptian fruit bats in the Budapest Zoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Answer: Since most bats eat insects, evolutionists have traditionally taught that bats evolved from primitive insectivores, as did shrews, moles, etc. Fruit-eaters merely modified their diet due to ecological pressures.

Then in the early ’80s J. D. Smith (Smith pp. 347-365) suggested that megabats and microbats evolved separately, because there are many physiological differences between the two other than just size. Microbats have a complicated shoulder joint and a claw only on the thumb, for example, while megabats have a simple shoulder joint but a claw on both the thumb and first finger. Micros use echo-location, while macros mainly rely on their keen eyesight. Micro teeth are designed for prey, while mega teeth grind plant parts. Megabats can live only in the tropics, needing a year-round food supply; many microbats have the ability to hibernate through cold winters.
Question: How do I get rid of bats?

Answer: The best way to rid yourself of a unwanted bat colony in your house is to hire a professional that is trained in true bat removal and bat control techniques to ensure a safe and humane bat proofing process.

A bat exclusion is the only sure fire way to get rid of bats. A One Way Bat Door is the equipment most bat control experts use. It is extremely effective if installed correctly.

Question: Who do I look for to get rid of theses bats in my attic?

Answer : We highly recommend The Wildlife Professionals for all of your wildlife removal and animal control issues.

Question: When do bats have babies? And why can’t I have bats removed?
Depending on the severity of the season, the species and the region a professional bat control operator can advise the best time for bat removal and bat exclusion.

Most bats are federally protected and it is illegal to exclude bats or close bats out when there is a great possibility that the young bats could be affected or even killed by the process. Bats are extremely important to our ecosystem. Never try to kill a bat colony!

Question: What kind of bats is living in my attic?

Answer: The are several types of bats found living in building, office buildings, church, and homes across America. The common two bats most usually found dwelling in building structures are the “Big Brown Bat” and “Small Brown Bat” and they are also protected species.

Question: Is it illegal to poison and kill bats?

Answer: YES

Question: Can I just put a light in the attic and draw the bats out?

Answer: I have not been in an attic that had a strobe light and not found bats still living there. Although I have heard some success stories I have not witnessed it myself.

Question: Will mothballs really drive out the bats?

Answer: I have had measured success with mothballs or naphthalene will sometimes drive a bat colony out for a day or so. But eventually they will come bat. I have been in an attic space that had mothballs in pantyhose hanging from the rafters and witnessed bats hanging from the pantyhose. So I am assuming they simply got used to the smell!

Question: What do I do about the bat guano in the attic after the bats are gone?

Answer: Only use a qualified bat control when dealing with waste guano. Guano can accumulate over time and can have ecoli, bat bugs, and even hystoplasmosis. The guano could be extremely dangerous to those who have asthma, or other breathing issues such as the elderly and the extreme young.

Question : What is attic restoration?

Attic restoration is the process of cleaning out the waste bat guano from the attic space, disinfecting the whole area and putting new insulation down. Attic restoration restores the attic space and in most instances increases the R value( Insulation Value) in your attic space.

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