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Raccoon family in a dallas tx back yard
Raccoon family in a Dallas TX back yard living in an attic.

When you think you have a raccoon in your attic it is best to call a animal control professional to inspect and deduce the root of the animal control issue. What you may think is a raccoon could turn out to be a family of squirrels in the attic or even possums in the attic. The fact remains the same until you know what is it is you are dealing with, you can not get rid of the wildlife in the attic problem.

Some of the common animal found living in the attic are Opossums or possum, bird, raccoon, snake, snake skin found in attic, squirrel, rat, mice, mouse, rodent, starling, pigeon, flying squirrel and other animals.

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How do I get rid of raccoons in the attic in Pine Bluff AR? Call 501-404-7079

Young Houston, TX Raccoon, Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Young Pine Bluff , TX Raccoon, Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

How do you get rid of raccoons in the attic in Pine Bluff? That’s a fair question and one that is asked quite often asked. The fact remains that raccoon removal is at an all time high and raccoon trapping professionals can trap and remove the raccoon conflict and exclude or repair the areas that the raccoon entered.

It is important when dealing with animals living in the attic that a professional is called in to inspect and give viable solutions to your wildlife removal issue. Humane removal is a must. Using poisons will only well.. poison the animal and it will most likely die in a place that could be hard to reach such as inside a wall or under the floor boards. So again if a pest control company suggests poison for a solution make sure to say no to the poison!

Humane removal of a raccoon is simple if used in the right way, a humane trap that will not harm the animal is placed in the right place and position using the right bait for the target area will result in capture of the animal and it can be safely removed from the attic with out harm to the animal, their family or your family.

In most cases a raccoon captured can either be released in a safe area far from your home or put in a rehab center and later released. Though as you may well know sometimes animals that enter our homes are sometimes ill or sick, These animals sometimes must be put down, But in that case the animal is put down in a humane fashion.

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Wildlife removal and animal control by wildlife experts with Do you have squirrels in the attic Saint Louis Missouri? Do you have raccoons in the attic Saint Louis Missouri? are you hearing unexplained sounds coming from the attic Saint Louis Missouri? is there scratching in the wall. do you have snakes in the yard?  have you seen opossum in the trash at night? have you seen or heard bats in the attic Saint Louis Missouri? have you found a snake skin in the basement or attic space? have you heard unexplained noises in the chimney? smelling foul odors that may be a skunk under your house or in the crawlspace and heating ducts Saint Louis Missouri? Do you need bat removal from your home? Do you need bat control in your Saint Louis Missouri Home ? Do you need animal Control In Saint Louis Missouri? do you have raccoon in the attic ? are you hearing scratching noises in the ceiling? are there squirrel up in the attic in Saint Louis Missouri? have you seen birds flying into the eaves?

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Rat Control, Animal Control, Rats in the attic, Rat Removal, Pest Control 254-368-9331 in Austin Texas

Rodents have been an pest issue in Austin Texas for as long as the first settlements where built in Texas. Rodents such as Norwegian rats, mice and even squirrels will find there way into a structure( house, building, church or business). Once in the house or building the rodent or rodents will start to build a family very rapidly.

Rats and mice live with or close to humans in homes, farm and ranch buildings, grain storage structures, sheds and garages. They are objectionable in many ways:
1. They eat and contaminate food.
2. They damage and destroy property by chewing wires, which may cause fires. They
destroy labels on cans and damage sacks and other containers. They undermine buildings,
gnaw pipes, chew water hoses, and cut through mortar and cement. They damage wood doors, floors, walls, clothing and furniture.

Whenever it can be accomplished at a reasonable cost, rat-proofing is recommended as the most permanent means of control in Austin Texas.

Mice in Austin Texas

Mice are known for their shyness, but when you call someone a rodent, it’s an insult. It’s akin to calling them a rat. You’re suggesting they eat garbage, live in sewers and stand for all that is dirty and vile.

Rodents in Austin Texas

The approximately 4,000 rodent species are divided on the basis of their anatomy into three well-defined groups, or suborders, and more than 30 families. The Sciuromorpha, or squirrellike rodents, include the various species of squirrel, chipmunk, marmot, woodchuck (or ground hog), prairie dog, gopher (or pocket gopher), pocket mouse, kangaroo rat, and beaver. The Myomorpha, or mouselike rodents, include a great variety of mouse and rat species, as well as species of hamster, lemming, vole, muskrat, gerbil, dormouse, and jerboa. This is the largest rodent group. The Hystricomorpha, or porcupinelike rodents, include the porcupine, capybara, nutria (or coypu), agouti, cavy (including the domestic guinea pig), mara, and chinchilla, as well as many species whose common names include the term rat (e.g., the South American bush rat).


Rat control and removal in Kyle, Buda, Machaca, Dripping Springs, Bee Cave, Lakeway, Hudson Bend, Lago Vista, West Lake Hills, South Congress, Del Valle, Cedar Creek, Bastrop, McDale, Elgin, Manor, Pflugerville, Windemere, Jollyville, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Taylor, Hutto, Georgetown, Leander, Liberty Hill, Belton, Temple, Killeen, Fort Hood Texas for trapping a rat and rat exclusion.