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Raccoons in Atlanta Georgia are becoming more and more urbanized as humans build and decrease the living area and change how it is that raccoons learn to survive. Raccoons are clever animal and adjust to just about any living condition.

Wildlife Management and Animal Control in Atlanta Georgia.

In the last decade it has become apparent that they are starting to adjust to the urban environment and are comfortable around humans now more and more.

Its is no wonder that the calls for raccoon removal are at an all time high.

Raccoons are learning that they can infiltrate back yards  and tear up trash, eat cat or dog food left out on the back porch, or even eat the grubs that plague urban yards. once they establish a comfortable area for themselves it is only a matter of time before they find a way to enter your house.

Female raccoons need safe and warm places to have young. Chimneys and atticspaces are idea for raccoons. So here are a few keys things that may suggest that you have raccoon in your attic:

  • Noises in your wall or attic space
  • Noises for you duct work or crawlspace
  • Scratching in the wall or attic
  • Thumping or walking sounds
  • Urine stains on ceiling

These are a few of the most obvious . Call a local trained technician. Please remember that pest control companies in Atlanta Georgia  are not always trained to handle wildlife issues, and that wildlife technicians have to be licensed by the state to handle most issues.

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If you answer yes to any of the below, it is time to call us!

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Bat House in Austin Texas 512-766-4811, Bat Removal and Other Bat Control Practices

Bat House in Austin Texas, Bat Removal and Other Bat Control Practices

Bat Removal in Austin, TX 512-766-4811


I have had a lot of questions asked about bat houses lately, and I have decided I would put voice to these questions and answer them the best I can. We do build bat house or bat box for our customers on demand, but we do educate as to how these bat houses work.

” Why should I use a bat house or have one built in Austin?”

Answer is basically simple. To have a bat house built in a neighborhood can be a good thing. A bat house can give sanctuary for bats that would other wise choose a structure such as a house or business building, if placed correctly and built correctly. Though typically when a person or business decides to think about bat house installation and building or placing them it is usually after they have or have had a bat issue in their own house or business.

Often after bat issues are corrected or a bat exclusion is performed and a bat house is erected it seems that bats will not use the bat house as a refuge. There are measures that can be placed to help secure the bats to the bat house, but the wildlife or bat removal expert needs to be aware of your plans in order to take the right steps to increase your chances that the bat colony may take to the bat house or bat box.

“Will Bats winter over in a bat house or bat box?”

This is a tricky question because bats are mammals and are not cold blooded and it really has to do with where you are located and how harsh the winter is in your location, for example in Northern states the bat colony will not because they can not withstand the cold temperatures in the bat house or bat box and would freeze to death. Bats go into a semi torpor but can not with stand freezing temperatures. In the most southern states this can be a possibility.

“Can I buy a bat house online?”

You can buy many different types of bat house online and most are ok or even great. They come with instructions and if followed you will have your very own bat house in your backyard, but a bat house is just a wood box to a bat colony unless you give them signs or a reason to use it.

“How do bats find a bat house?”

How do bats find their way back time and time again into a house attic space? the answer is memory, pheromones such bat guano, bat urine and other bat pheromones. Our Wildlife removal and animal control guys simply use this knowledge and apply it to helping your chances at a bat colony using your bat house as a home.

I hope this answered some of your questions about bat houses and if you have more questions about bat removal in Austin give us a call!


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