I have bats in my house! Who should I call? 832-324-9035

“I have bats in my house and I think they are living in my attic. We have had a few bats fly in the window from time to time and though it was scary we found the bat and removed it safely. However in the last month we have had six bats find their way into the house with all the windows closed and the doors. I believe we may have a bat infestation and I really need the bats gone!”  Shirley Woodall – Galveston, TX.

A bat that I stumbled upon in a certain drain....
A bat that I stumbled upon in a certain drain. Actually if you look closely you will see that it is two bats and not one, count the legs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bat removal and bat control of colonies of bats in Galveston can be control by bat proofing pros.

We recommend The Wildlife Professionals in Galveston, TX @ 832-324-9035.

As a bat removal professional Jimmy can inspect the property and give professional  advise in the best way to get rid of the bat issue. Getting rid of bats is what we do! bat colonies should be handles by bat proofing experts.

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