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When dealing with noises or sounds coming from the attic of your house or apartment it is best to call a local wildlife control agent that is licensed in your state and not a pest control company. Pest control companies are amazing at dealing with pest animal control issues such as roach and mice issues, though most pest control companies due not have the training or license to deal with wildlife issues such as squirrels in the attic, raccoons in the attic or opossums in the attic.

Not to mention the feces or poop that can accumulate in the attic on your insulation. when animals such as raccoon, opossum, squirrels or even birds defecate on your attic insulation it is time to have that removed and replaced. Sometimes insurance will cover the charge of removal of insulation, however you will need to contact your insurance agent to find out if you are covered. We are fully licensed through ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania in Wildlife and Attic Restoration. We are here to help.

When you hear animal noises, scratching or even animal movement in your attic or walls it is time to call a wildlife professional to inspect your issue and give the best possible solution to your animal or wildlife removal issue.

Usually this means trapping the animal and/or wildlife and removing the raccoon, squirrel or opossum from the attic space. After this is completed a wildlife exclusion or repair work can begin to ensure that no further wildlife intrusions will happen.

Raccoon removal is an often occurrence in Wheeling, West Virginia. in fact since 1985 raccoon wildlife issues involving homeowners and their dwellings having intrusion by wildlife has jumped in numbers and now because of encroachment of housing to forest areas the number of raccoon removal has steadily increased in the area.