South Hills, WV Pet Poop-Waste Removal from back yards and front yards dog poop removal 304-395-1400

Land Mine Dog Waste Removal 304-395-1400

We remove dog waste or dog poop from your yard in South Hills, WV. Dog poop scooping in South Hills, WV is what we do! we remove all dog waste or dog poop from your yard so you can enjoy your yard in South Hills, WV. We will show up and pick up your dog waste or dog droppings from your yard in South Hills, WV. We will take the waste away so you never have to worry about the dog poop in your yard again in South Hills, WV.

We have weekly, monthly and bi-weekly programs available! Weekly as little as $55.00 dependent on size of yard.

Enjoy your yard and let us help you with that!

We are professional and will remove the dog waste even if you can not be home. As long as it is a safe environment for our techs. We will clear all waste from the area to ensure a poop free zone for you and your kids.

We can Help with dog poop or dog waste in Charleston WV, Kanawha City, South Hills WV, Saint Albans WV, Dunbar WV, Sissonville WV, Ravenswood WV, Ripley WV, Kenna WV, Spencer WV, Parkersburg WV, Belleville WV, Mason City WV, Point Pleasant WV, Mason WV, Racine Ohio and all affected areas.

We remove dog doogies, dog land mines, dog shit, dog turds, dog dung, dog feces, dog dump, dog poo, Dog crap, Dog Dingle berries, Dog Droppings, dog dookies and the such.

We are also a wildlife removal company so we an handle any issue from raccoons in your trash to squirrels causing troubles.