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Trapping raccoons for a living I have found several things about raccoon to be true.

First and foremost “A Raccoon can be Dangerous!” and unpredictable. I have heard a multitude of questions through out the years of trapping raccoon and removal from an attic or chimney space, for attic crawlspaces and chimney areas seem to be a great place for mom raccoon to build a family.

Some of the questions and or concerns are as followed. And if you have similar thoughts or raccoon questions fell free to give us a call for a free consultation over the phone to establish a need or not in raccoon removal.

I have a raccoon living in my attic, how do I get rid of that raccoon? I hear noises in the attic that I believe are raccoon or rodent in nature. Are raccoon dangerous? Do raccoon carry disease? why did the raccoon choose my house to live in? Does a raccoon growl? I live in Charleston, WV and I think I have a raccoon or coon conflict.Are a coon the same thing as raccoon? I have a raccoon that eats my dogs food on the porch. Who can trap humanly a raccoon from my house? I have a raccoon in the garage. Why do raccoons attack my trashcan? Is there a professional raccoon removal company in Charleston, WV? What do I do to get rid of my raccoon problem in my attic? Is there a company that clean up the poop and feces impacted insulation in my attic? what is attic restoration? Is there a attic restoration company in Charleston, WV or close to it? Do raccoon shed their winter coat of fur or is it hair? Are a raccoon related to a bear or a bat? Do raccoon go into hibernation? What kind of disease do raccoon carry? Raccoon carry a ringworm that can be deadly humans! Raccoons will bite if threatened! Are raccoons really strong? How do I know if the dead animal odor I smell is from a dead raccoon?

In truth I have had so many calls about a raccoon that needs removal that I could fill a book with the question. I hope the reader has found this that I have displayed for information helps out. The main thing is to get professional help with any wildlife conflict. In fact some homeowner insurance companies will cover a majority if not all of the cost of the raccoon or coon conflict! Either way good luck 🙂

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