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Official seal of City of Houston
Official seal of City of Houston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Use a wildlife professional in Houston Texas when dealing with animal control conflicts with wildlife. Unlike pest control companies in Houston nuisance wildlife trapping and removal companies are the best option in wildlife conflicts. Houston Texas Animal Control at the city level are responsible for cats, dogs and other domestic issues. A city animal control officer are not experienced enough with wildlife control and animal trapping and the exclusion work needed to prevent future wildlife break ins.

English: Feral Hog in Coryell County Texas
English: Feral Hog in Coryell County Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some of the wildlife issues we see in Houston are bat colony removal or removal of bats in the attic, Raccoons that have either chewed or tore into the attic space or are living in the chimney and sometimes under a deck or out building. Squirrel control or squirrel removal from attic or eaves. And bird, ground hog, fox, armadillo, mole, snake removal both venomous and non venomous, Beaver removal and trapping, Flying squirrel, Ferrell Hogs, Rattlesnake, coyote and most everything wild that find their way into your home, building, office or church.

Susan walked into her house in Aldine, TX and found a snake laying in the bathroom, scared she called her local Houston Texas Animal Control. When John Walked out on to his deck he caught a glimpse of a raccoon running under the deck. Snake removal in Houston, Texas is at an all time high. A wild hog was found dead on a road in Katy, TX last Friday. Lampasas county sheriffs department receive many calls about raccoon and snakes on a daily basis. Last Saturday Jill saw a bat fly out of her attic gable vent. Little brown bats are extremely difficult to seal out due to the small size of their bodies. In fact the small brown bat can give even a seasoned bat proof specialist or bat removal expert. Always make sure you receive a warranty on all work performed by your wildlife removal company. In Jersey Village, La Porte and all of Harris County fox and coyote run free and can become a nuisance in suburbs of Houston Texas. Bayridge Park has seen raccoon issues in the past. A snake in the garage in Baytown Texas does not always mean the snake is venomous, though you should treat it as a venous snake until a professional can determine that it is not. Never try to kill a snake found in the house or yard, In Houston most bites occur when a homeowner tries to kill the snake and gets to close and allows the snake a chance to bite.

Bat (Photo credit: Jeephead)

Bat control in Houston by bat proof experts can safely and humanely remove the bat colony and perform an exclusion to prevent future issue with bats in the attic or eaves. Big brown bats and little brown bats are the most common bats found in homes and structures in Houston. Jill came home to find a bat flying around inside her house in Humble Texas. Jill had to remain calm and Waite for the bat to land. Keeping an eye on the bat Jill called The Wildlife Professionals of Houston to come to her house in Humble and remove the bat. The animal control-wildlife professional found the bat clung to the inside of the curtain and removed it safely and with out harm to the bat. After a lengthy inspection it was determined that Jill had a small bat colony in her attic. The bat proof specialist was able to seal her home and remove the bats using a One Way Bat Door or Bat Funnel. After her bat colony was safely removed the attic restoration was ready begin. Bat guano impacted insulation was removed and new was put down. The Houston Nuisance Wildlife Removal Pro Helped Jill get some peace of mind.

A Raccoon at Cologne Zoo Français : Un Raton L...
A Raccoon at Cologne Zoo Français : Un Raton Laveur Español: Uno Mapache Italiano: Un procione lavatore Português: Guaxinim Română: Un raton Русский: Енот-полоскун в Кёльнском зоопарке Suomi: Pesukarhu vesialtaan äärellä Kölnin eläintarhassa Svenska: tvättbjörn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raccoon are very tenacious animals and their dexterity is amazing. A raccoon in East Houston Texas can tear through roof shingles and tear in to weak spots in your homes exterior. Once the Katy, TX raccoon has made its way in he house it will make a family. Squirrels will live in attic spaces to. Squirrels are rodents and will defecate everywhere. There are several species of venomous snake in Houston Texas. Trapping a coyote is difficult and dangerous. The HVAC guy found a skunk living in the crawlspace of a Brownwood, TX area man. John asked his dad if he knew how to get rid of bats and his dad told him it was best to call a bat professional. While getting a box from the storage area in the attic Bill found a snake skin. In Channelview,TX a armadillo can create havoc in the yard and landscaping. Houston mole control in the yard . snakes like shady places or hides like a culvert pipe. A lady in Houston got bit by a snake while pruning her ivy in the landscaping. A female raccoon will attack if she feels threatened or believes her young is in danger. A pregnant female raccoon will bulk up in body weight before giving birth to her young.

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