How do I get rid of Squirrels in Kennesaw, Georgia?

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First thing to think about in Kennesaw, Georgia when dealing with any wildlife issue in your home or business is to determine what animal is causing the issue. Noises in an attic or wall can be very difficult to discern. Many animal make noises and each has there own distinct noise.

Raccoons that live in the attic or chimney area make an entirely different noise than say a rodent such as a squirrel living in the attic or chimney space. Raccoons are a larger bodied animal and tend to make more hollowed noises or thumps with occasional scratching noises in the chimney or attic. Where as rodent such as rat, squirrel, flying squirrels make a lot of racket as well as scratching noises in the walls, ceiling, chimney and floor boards of  a house or building such as a business, warehouse and home.

With that being said let us look at each animal and figure out why the wild animal is there in the first place. This makes it easier when your local wildlife removal control agent is called to remove the wildlife concern.

When rodents such as mice, rat and squirrels are concerned it good to think about why they decided your home is a good place to live. I have seen super clean homes with rodent issues! cleanliness is not always a factor.

Rodents such as mice, rat and squirrels desire three things to survive!

  • Water
  • Food Source
  • Safe Harbor – Safe place to live and reproduce

If a rodent has these three point of harbor, the rodent will make a stake at taking over the area. The rodent can not differentiate the difference between a barn and a house as long as these three key aspects are available to them.

Kennesaw, Georgia  Rat control and Rodent control can be delivered in multiple ways. Most pest control companies implore pesticides and rat poison to alleviate the issue. Although both measures are effective they only treat the issue and eventually the issue will happen again and again, not to mention with poisons there is the chance the rodent or rat, squirrel or flying squirrel will ingest the poison and die in your walls, ceiling or even under your house leaving an very strong odor that can make it difficult to reside in and even make it impossible to sleep in. The smell of dead rats, mice, squirrels and flying squirrels can be a difficult thing to live with!

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