Call (843) 473-8050 Snake Removal and Snake Control in Mount Pleasant South Carolina

Call (843) 473-8050 Snake Removal and Snake Control in Mount Pleasant South Carolina

Rat and snake removal
Snake Control Mt. Pleasant SC

It happens! you begin to get storage items out of the attic and find a snake skin or even a live snake hanging out in the attic right there in front you. After the initial freak out moment you might want to find someone to take care of the snake issue you probably do not want to deal with.

Although there are many options in snake removal you may want to look at people or companies that actually specialize in snake removal. There are a few companies that say they specialize in snake control in Mt. Pleasant SC, though actual experience is key to finding the right snake guy.

We have found through many snake removal and snake exclusion jobs and re working other companies attempt at snake exclusion or snake removal that there are a few things that you may need to know!

First: Why is the snake there in the first place.

Snakes depend on three things, Food – Water – Shelter! Which is the staple off all life; though we forget these things from time to time especially when dealing with a crisis situation.

SO what do snakes eat? Well they start out of insect and work up to small rodents such as mice and rats. In fact most of the snake calls we get are associated with a rodent issue that the homeowner never even knew they had because the snake was handling the issue for them.

Yup… Snakes actually handle most of our normal pest control issues even when we are not aware of it. In fact in your house right now you probably have a pest control or even a rodent issue that you do not even know about!

1 in five houses that we visit have some sort of rodent issue not aware of by the homeowner.


Snakes are never anywhere there isn’t a food source, but just like any other animal they need water. Did you know that a snake just like rodents literally can drink water from the condensation on the water pipes in your home as well as retain up to 97% of the water of the rodent that a snake eats.

This allows for a rat snake in Mt. Plaesant SC; that does not need the sun to metabolize their food to stay for extended periods of time in the attic or crawlspace of a home.


Snake always look for places they can hunt and be safe. Lets face it there are many predators that hunt and kill snakes from birds, raccoons, cats, dogs and even opossums.

So just as everywhere in South Carolina as in Mt. Pleasant SC snakes such as the black snake or rat sanke will find refuge in the attic as well as in the garage, chimney, in the crawlspace and in a pile of wood.

If you have a snake issue and need a snake removed Mount Pleasant South Carolina, snake trap, snake exclusion or just found a snake skin and need help, We have your back!


Waco, Texas Snake Removal 254-368-9331 Snake Control

Snake Removal Waco, TX Snake Control-Rattlesnake Copperhead Rat Snake Black Snake Removal.

English: American-Copperhead snake Agkistrodon...
English: American-Copperhead snake Agkistrodon contortrix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Waco Texas snakes are found just about everywhere. From the farm Lands to the city streets in Waco snakes can be found. Just because you live in the suburbs doesn’t mean you won’t run into a snake in the yard or even in your garage.

In the Houston suburbs most snake bites occur when working in the landscaping or the pruning of ground cover shrubs and bush. It is always good to wear gloves and pay attention to the area your are working in. Most snakes will try their best to avoid you if you give them the chance.

Copperhead snakes love to feed off of insects and reptiles such as frogs and lizards that are found in the yards in suburbia.
Copperhead closeup
The Copperhead snake loves moist areas that are sheltered from the sun and they will set up an ambush for their prey. This is when human contact can happen. Copperhead snake can blend into their surrounding using the camouflage of the skin color to hide their presence.

Rattlesnake can be found in the Houston, Texas and in the city as well as the farm land. The Rattlesnake can deliver a devastating bite and should be avoided at all costs. The Rattlesnake will use its rattle located on its tail to warn those that come to close. Call your local Wildlife agent to remove the snake and inspect your property for reasons that the snake was there to begin with.

English: A B\black rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta ...
English: A B\black rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta). The keeled scales, white chin and lighter ventral scales are keys to identifying it. Notice the opaque (blue) eyes which mean the snake is in “molt” and will shed its skin in a week or so. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Rat Snake or Black Snake are typically the most frequent calls a Waco, Texas Animal control expert receives. The rat snake can enter a home and live in the attic, basement or crawlspace for extended periods of time due to the fact that they do not need the sun digest their food. Rat snakes are usually are non aggressive unlike the black racer which can be very aggressive .

Coral snake can also be found in the state of Texas.
Eastern coral snake

The Wildlife Professionals can Remove Snakes in McLennon County, Texas, Bellmead TX, Beverly Hills TX, Bruceville-Eddy TX, Crawford TX, Gholson TX, Hallsburg TX, Hewitt TX, Lacy-Lakeview TX, Leroy TX, Lorena TX, Mart TX, McGregor TX, Moody TX, Riesel TX, Robinson TX, Ross TX, Waco TX, West TX, Woodway TX.