Should I be concerned with bats in my attic?

As professionals in the wildlife removal field we have received many calls, Texts and e-mails over the years and wanted to allow you guys to read a couple of the issues that came in the Fort Worth and Dallas Texas areas.

Map of Texas highlighting Dallas County
Map of Texas highlighting Dallas County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Call: The Wildlife Professionals @ 972-277-1226




“HI. My name is Betty and I came home to find bat flying around the living room and I have no clue as to how it got in or how to get rid of it. Please call me as soon as you can!”




Text us:




“Its the weekend so I thought it would be better to send an Text. We are having problems with bats and need help. please respond.” Jim Dallas, TX




Call Fort Worth, TX Bats in the attic:




” We were in the attic to get a few boxes of clothes for goodwill and found a large pile of bat droppings. We have read that the bat guano could be potentially dangerous. I don’t think that there are bats there at the moment , but we want the bat stuff gone. Call when you can schedule a time for a visit, Thanks.., Oh my name in Travis and my number is 972-*** -****  Thanks.




” I am not at home nor will I go back there till the bats are gone from my house, I am so scared of them. Please call me as soon as you can. They are flying everywhere in my house!”




“I need help with a bat problem we are having. We just bought a house in Dallas Metro and it seems we are dealing with a bat colony in our attic. I have read a enough about them to know they need to go. You come highly recommended and we would really love to have you come and helps us out.”




” Our contractor found a colony of bats living in our attic and we need to get rid of the bats. Can you give us advise or assistance on getting rid of them? ” Shirley- Fort Worth Texas.




” Can you guys trap the bat in my house? earlier it was flying around and now I can’t find it.” Mike Dallas.




” we were on vacation last week and just got home to find a dead bat in the kitchen sink. We do not know how it got in. I am not sure if we have an issue or not, Though I would feel better having someone come out and look at the property and let us know for sure.” Sherri- Fort Worth Area.




” Evidently one of my rentals has a bat issue and will need a bat proofing pro to fix it.” Property Management Dallas.




” I am calling because we are hearing noises in the attic and there is a weird smell that I do not know. I know something is up there. May be a squirrel, raccoon or something up there and I want what ever it is gone.”




“I called the local pest control company and the referred me to you. We have bats and I want them out. Can someone come and get rid of my bats please?” Julie Texas




“I am so scared… There is a bat flying around and I need help . ”




The fact remains that if you are dealing with a bat conflict such as these fine customers of our then it is in your best interest to call a local wildlife removal professional.




The Wildlife Professionals 972-277-1226




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