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A Raccoon at Cologne Zoo Français : Un Raton L...
A Raccoon at Cologne Zoo Français : Un Raton Laveur Español: Uno Mapache Italiano: Un procione lavatore Português: Guaxinim Română: Un raton Русский: Енот-полоскун в Кёльнском зоопарке Suomi: Pesukarhu vesialtaan äärellä Kölnin eläintarhassa Svenska: tvättbjörn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I receive calls from frantic homeowners in Lakeland, Florida every year about scary noises coming from the attic. These noises more often than not are raccoon removal in nature. Although lovable cartoon characters, an actual live wild raccoon can be a nuisance and a bit frightening. The truth in the matter raccoons will bite if they feel frightened. Always call a wildlife professional to trap and remove the conflict raccoon or raccoon family living in your attic.

Families across the nation have found themselves in the midst of animal control issues for years now. Back years ago a pest control company dealing with pest control such as insects and bugs were the first call for these wildlife conflicts. The truth is pest control companies are not trained or equipped to handle most nuisance wildlife issues in a home, business or church. Old time trappers have adapted and have become the new face of nuisance wildlife removal. Trappers have transcended into new roles as animal control and preventative animal control and as the years have past we have become the new ” Lakeland, Florida Animal Control Officers in Nuisance Wildlife Removal” . Lakeland, Florida Pest Control Companies will try to have a tech that will get licensed and that is fine. Just remember that tech is paid by the hour and has no liability for the work completed. All liability is on the pest control company.

A raccoon will use your attics insulation as a latrine and will defecate(poop), urinate (pee) and tear up your attic insulation. in some extreme cases cause ceiling failure allowing the raccoon family direct access to your living spaces. A coon family living in your attic will continue to have more young. in fact if the a female is killed her sister or even her daughter will move in and begin to make families of her own. Only by trapping the raccoon from the attic can the conflict begin to be fixed.

Ein Waschbär am frühen Morgen auf dem Dach ein...
Ein Waschbär am frühen Morgen auf dem Dach eines Wohnhauses. (English: A raccoon in the early morning on the roof of an apartment house.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once the raccoon or raccoons have been removed from your Lakeland, Florida home a attic restoration or attic clean out will need to be completed. This is the act of removing attic insulation and the feces impacted insulation. All contaminated insulation must be removed. The feces impacted insulation is considered hazardous material and should be removed by professionals. The raccoon carries a round worm that can be fatal to humans.

Once the insulation is removed it is best to have the insulation blown in. There are products out there that boast pest control and they are a great product. However, if the job was completed correctly the expensive insulation shouldn’t be necessary.

In conclusion raccoon or coon removal be experienced raccoon control and coon control experts are the best call when dealing with raccoon removal or coon removal issues in Lakeland, Florida .

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Raccoon Removal (336) 313-9608 Greensboro, NC| Raccoon in the attic| Raccoon Control

The simple truth is that sometimes bad things happen and a raccoon invading a home is a good start on bad times. A raccoon in the attic or a raccoon in the crawlspace can cause serious issues and even damage to the structure. raccoon removal calls are typically in the attic or raccoon in the wall calls. Understanding the raccoon is key to understanding how to evict the raccoon and trap it safely to ensure safe and humane raccoon removal in Greensboro NC .

Common raccoon (Procyon lotor) and skunk (Meph...
raccoon (Procyon lotor) and skunk (Mephitis mephitis) in a Hollywood,
California back yard feasting on cat food. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raccoon in the yard in Greensboro NC
When dealing with the pesky raccoons tearing up the lawn turf or tipping trash cans and spilling the contents.  This covers a raccoon on the deck or raccoon living under the deck calls. It is always best to call raccoon control pro’s. Raccoon love trash cans cause it’s an easy way to find food. They will literally wait for you to put out the trash and then go through and pick out the good stuff and leave all the other stuff for you to pick up in the morning.

English: A Common Raccoon (Procyon lotor) seen...
English: A Common Raccoon (Procyon lotor) seen near a bike path near Schererville. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raccoon in the attic in Greensboro NC
 Noises in the attic or scratching noises in the walls can sometimes be attributed to a raccoon mommy in the attic or attic eaves building a nesting area to have raccoon babies in your attic.  It is best to humanly trap and remove the raccoon mom before she has the young. Call your local raccoon and animal removal control agent to help .  

Does insurance companies pay for damage?
Absolutely ! Most insurance companies have jumped on the raccoon damage band wagon and will cover key aspects of raccoon damage and raccoon attic restoration process in Greensboro NC . Call your local insurance adjuster and have a adjuster visit the property and then have us out to give a quote! We understand the process!

Removal of raccoons from house, business and church have become a prevalent call in most of our offices. In Greensboro NC raccoon removal has sparked enough damage that most insurance companies have understood that raccoon damage must be covered. Make sure to use a Nuisance Wildlife Company that understands how insurance companies work and how they specifically look at damage what they will pay to cover this damage. The Wildlife Professionals of Greensboro NC are a credible company in this issue. Working with insurance companies all across America, The Wildlife Professionals are the premier choice!                                                                                                                                                                                          

English: Raccoon standing, expecting me to thr...
English: Raccoon standing, expecting me to throw food at him. Taken in the backyard of my house. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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