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Bat Removal by Bat removal experts

The Wildlife Professionals in Lake Lanier, GA certified and licensed  Bat removal and bat control company. With over a decade of proven bat removal and bat control experience and licensed in Lake Lanier, GA with the highest regards to humane wildlife removal.

Working with state and local Division of Natural Resources agents we have provided consistent bat removal and bat control for all three states and have followed all laws and restrictions provided by the bat conservation groups.

We are a no kill company for bat retention and bat removal in Moon. We only use humane bat removal products and techniques.


Removal of bats in the attic in Lake Lanier, GA

We can handle all issues including bats in the attic. When there are bats in the attic of your home The Wildlife Professionals can inspect and give prompt direction and give you a cost associated with the removal of the bat colony living in your attic.

We understand that a bat issue in your home can be distressing. Our highly trained bat professionals will give you the answers and knowledge your deserve and should expect from a true bat removal professional.


Attic Restoration In Lake Lanier, GA

Once bats have found their way into your home attic space the accumulation of bat guano or bat poop will become substantial with time.

A colony of fifty or more bats can build mounds of bat guano in as little as two years. These mounds of bat guano will need to be removed as well as the insulation in the attic.

Bats fly back and forth and urinate on your insulation as well, thus the entire attic space affected will need to be addressed.

Our wildlife professionals and bat removal and bat control experts have just this knowledge and experience to handle the job.


Bat Houses in Lake Lanier, GA

Although we do not sell bat houses in Lake Lanier, GA we do strongly advocate them and will install them if purchased by the time of our service end date for a cost. Cost is dependent upon type of bat box or bat house and where it is to be placed.

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