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You are hearing noises in the attic during the night. The sound makes it difficult to sleep and you just want rest. Every night it happens over again. Next rat droppings are found in the kitchen pantry and loafs of bread have been chewed into. It becomes apparent you have a rodent infestation issue.

Hey! Rats in the attic is a common issue in Cypress, TX. Every year pest control companies are called for just this issue. We recommend The Wildlife Professionals of Houston Texas.

A rat will enter a house or building to find food. Once a rat has found a food source it will begin to reproduce which can lead to a rodent infestation.

Rat extermination in Cypress, TX is one way to handle a rodent issue. Rodent extermination can be completed by rat traps (rat snap traps) and Rat poison which is never a good practice. Rat poison can lead to a rat to die in the wall or attic space and sometimes dead rats are found in the basement. A dead animal in your home can cause even more issues.

We prefer rat snap traps and humane rat trapping to remove the existing rodents in the house or commercial building. In order to prevent future rat infestation a rat exclusion must be completed. A rat exclusion is simple the repair and closing any entry available to rodents to enter a structure.

Once a rodent issue has started other predators will eventually find their way into the home after the rodent. Snakes will often follow a rodent into a structure and feed on the populas and decimate the current population of rodents.

A rodent issue often prompts snake control issues, snake removal and snake trapping problems. Snakes are opportunistic, They will track and follow a rodent to their infestation and also live and build a snake family.

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Cypress Texas Raccoon Removal

Cypress, Texas Raccoon Removal

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Common raccoon (Procyon lotor) and skunk (Meph...

Common raccoon (Procyon lotor) and skunk (Mephitis mephitis) in a Hollywood, California back yard feasting on cat food. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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If you ever had an issue with an animal living in your attic, then you will know that it is an excruciating issue with sleeping. The animal in your attic seems to know exactly when you are ready to go to bed and sleep and it will do it’s best to keep you from that simple act.

Sleep.. it seems so easy, yet at the moment you lay down the critter in the attic decides it’s awake and you should be too. And there is nothing you can do besides bang on the wall or the ceiling in hopes that it will quiet down long enough for you to get sleep.

It is a frustrating thing to deal with. “Damn theses animals in the attic!” you may scream. The truth is they really don’t care about you.

Most likely the noises in the attic are either squirrels or raccoons in your attic and they are there to start a family. In fact most animals in the attic (bats, raccoons, squirrels or opossum) are there to start a family of there own at your expense.

A raccoon will find a attic space a fitting place to live and thrive and thus a great place to give birth to baby raccoons. Wildlife removal agents can trap and remove them and clean the areas they saw fit to use as a latrine in your insulation.  This is called an attic restoration in Texas.

Raccoon removal can be described in may ways. First is trapping the raccoon and removal of the raccoon from the property. The second is using pheromones mimicking predators that make the female raccoon vacate the young before sealing up the entries.

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Bat Removal in North Houston Texas 936-828-7782|Bats in the attic removal

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When dealing with a bat conflict or bat issues in your home, business or church in North Houston Texas one company stands out and that is The Wildlife Professionals of Houston Texas.

Our services include:

  • North Houston Bat removal
  • North Houston Bat infestation
  • North Houston Bat guano removal from attic spaces
  • North Houston Texas Bat colony control
  • pest bat removal
  • North Houston Texas Bat boxes
  • One way bat door installation in North Houston Texas
  • Bat exclusion work in North Houston Texas

If you have asked any of the following questions, it may be time to call a professional.

what is the scratching noises in my attic? why do I have bats in my attic? how do I get rid of bats? why is there a bat flying around in my house? Who do I call for bat removal? Who do I call to get the bat guano out of my attic? Why are bats flying around my pool at night? Why are there bats roosting on my porch at night? Why are there bats in my gable vents? I found a bat in my house, is that dangerous? Do bats carry disease and are my family at risk? Do bats eat mosquito that carry the Zika virus? Are bat box the right fit for me? Why should I not poison a bat colony? How do I trap a bat? are bat colonies dangerous? Does moth balls work to get rid of bats in my home? Who does bat work? How do I contact a bat removal pro? Are bats safe? How many bats have rabies? Should I be concerned about a bat found in my house? DO bats bite? How do bats get into a house? Why should I get rid of bats? I found a bat; what should I do? Bats are flying around my night light, how do I stop that? What do bats eat? Is there a bat repellent available? Do strobe lights work in bat removal? I have bats in my attic, who do I call to have them removed?

Our trained wildlife professionals can help!