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Snake (Photo credit: digicla)

It is now June and this means snake removal is at it’s high point. Snakes are fantastic creatures and are of significant value to our ecosystem. They consume bugs, insects, pest rodents, rats and even other snakes. Without them life would be over run with pest animals.

It is unfortunate that sometimes a snake will follow it’s prey and find it’s way into a building or house and this is the time of year it happens the most.

English: Rattus norvegicus, the Brown Rat. Deu...
English: Rattus norvegicus, the Brown Rat. Deutsch: Wanderratte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rodents such as mice, a mouse, sewer rat, brown rat, deer mouse and even flying squirrels either chew in or find gaps in the structure and once they are in they begin to build a family. after so long predators will take notice.

A snake in the home can be very scary and should always be handled by professional snake removal experts. If you can not identify the snake with certainty do not attempt to remove the snake your self. Snake bites typically happen when untrained individuals attempt to manipulate the snake.

The are companies that specialize in snake removal and preventative snake control.We recommend The Wildlife Professionals in Denver, Colorado.

Jerry Hernandez has several years experience in both  wildlife removal and Pest Control in Denver, CO and can handle your snake issue and provide a quote to exclude or use product to prevent future occurrences.

The flag of the City and County of Denver sinc...
The flag of the City and County of Denver since 1926. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


List of commonly found snakes Blind Snake,Texas Glossy Snake, Trans-Pecos Rat Snake, Worm Snake, Scarlet Snake, Racer, Buttermilk racer snake, Tan Racer Snake, Eastern yellow Belly Racer Snake, Mexican Racer, Southern Black Racer, Black-Striped Snake, Ringneck Snake, prairie ringneck snake, Regal Ringneck snake, Indigo Snake, Speckled racer, Rat Snake, Baird’s Rat snake, Great Plains Rat Snake, Corn Snake, Texas Black snake, Slowinski’s Cornsnake, Mud Snake, Hognose Snake, Night Snake , King Snake, Milk Snake, Cat-eyed Snake, Coachwhip, whip snake, Water Snake, Green Snake, Gopher snake, Crayfish Snake, Longnose Snake, Patchnose Snake, Ground Snake, Blackhead Snake, Garter snake, Ribbon Snake, Lyre Snake, Texas lined Snake, Earth Snake, Corla Snake, Sputhern Copperhead, Broad-banded Copperhead Snake, Trans-Pecos Copperhead snake, Western Cottonmouth snake, Western Diamondback rattlesnake,Timber rattlesnake, Banded Rock Rattlesnake, Mottled Rock Rattlesnake, North Black tail snake, Mojave Rattlesnake, Prairie Rattlesnake, Dessert Rattlesnake, Western Massasauga Rattlesnake.

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