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When dealing with bat removal in Lawrence County The Wildlife Professionals of PA can professionally and humanely remove all bat problems and issues.

Bat can be found living in the attic spaces of homes and business. Bat colonies are established in attic spaces when a opening or void is located by a bat that is looking for a new place to establish a colony. These holes or voids must be sealed after the bat colony is removed.

Noises in the attic

Noises in the attic can be attributed to bats, raccoons, Birds, Squirrels, rats and even opossums (possum) living in your attic. If you are hearing noises in your attic it is important to hire a wildlife control professional to inspect the attic and determine what it is making the noises in the attic or walls.

Depending on what animal it is that is making the noises in the attic your animal control pro will give you the information needed to make a decision on the best solution to the animal conflict that usually involves trapping and removal of soiled insulation and sometimes new insulation to replace that which is needed to be removed. In some cases an attic restoration is needed.

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Bat Poison and bat traps

Never use bat poison in Lawrence County PA, Bat poison will kill any bat or bats that ingest it and cause the whole bat colony to die. Bats are federally protected so if you are caught killing a bat colony you could be liable legally. Bat traps also can kill bats.

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When dealing with a bat conflict or bat issues in your home, business or church in North Houston Texas one company stands out and that is The Wildlife Professionals of Houston Texas.

Our services include:

  • North Houston Bat removal
  • North Houston Bat infestation
  • North Houston Bat guano removal from attic spaces
  • North Houston Texas Bat colony control
  • pest bat removal
  • North Houston Texas Bat boxes
  • One way bat door installation in North Houston Texas
  • Bat exclusion work in North Houston Texas

If you have asked any of the following questions, it may be time to call a professional.

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Our trained wildlife professionals can help!