Bats in churches in the London UK and how to handle the removal


Bat removal
London UK Bat removal and Bat Control and bats in the attic removal

I recently read this exert in the London UK . I drove me insane, It seems the bat community is so far behind in safety and safe bat removal practices!

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and I was dumbfounded.  Understand that regardless of the bat species, the issues remain the same. When you have a bat colony in your church ad that bat colony has been there for an extended stay the bat guano will accumulate and that bat guano carries a multitude of bad things such as hystoplasmosys, bat bugs, botulism among other terrible antigens, It is fantastic that  the church has given our most amazing bats refuge, but this is not a good thing for our congregation that sets in the pews and worships.

The fact remains that a bat colony living in the attic space of any church id a hazard to both the youth and the elderly of the congregation.

I read that the bats have no where to live and that is not true as well, in this column it states bats have been there for hundreds of years and now they have no where to go! this is no true, the natural habitat is as it was. woodlands have grown from places that are not towns to this day and they have many natural habitats and sanctuaries throughout.

In London there are more than any other country in this world for the habitat of bats. I think they just want you to believe there is not! I have read many transcripts and none show me anything that suggests that bats can not exist in the woodlands or forests! if this was not the case I think we would hear more about it! But this is just me and I have been doing bat removal humanely for over ten years. I guess we figured out how to do this safety a bit ago and put our bats where they are supposed to be, in the wilderness where they want to be!!

But hey if you want your bats in your church where you worship so your kids can breathe the toxic bat guano everyday I guess thats your call.

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