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Skunk Removal in Dallas, Texas 940-268-5422 Skunk Trapping

Skunks are amazing creatures. Often black with white stripes down their back. They feed of grubs and various vegetation. A skunk can reek havoc on a lawn tearing holes into landscaping and well as cause distressful Oder for all to smell.

Trapping a skunk can be very difficult due to the fact that the skunk can still shoot its weapon from inside a cage. do it yourself people often call our call center stating they caught the animal but can not get near it to remove the skunk.

A skunk will only use it’s weapon if it feels threatened and it is important to understand this. once a skunk is in a cage it is automatically in threatened mode. If you don’t know how to handle this the chances are you will be skunk sprayed.

Skunk will burrow under decks, outbuilding and even in crawlspaces of homes. So catching the culprit skunk won’t always guaranty that a skunk or or offspring will not take her or his place.

Skunk trapping is the first part in the process. A full skunk exclusion is the only way to make sure no future skunk issues occur. This includes trapping the skunk and then closing entries with various methods to make sure the skunk issue never happens again.

Only a trained wildlife removal tech trained in skunk removal can assure such measures.

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Squirrel control- Squirrel in the attic – Attic Squirrel Removal- Rodent in the attic trapping service!

We have all either heard of or seen Sciurus caroliniensis – but you will likely know this little animal better as a grey squirrel, or a gray squirrel.  It simply depends on whether or not you like British spelling!  However you spell it, the facts and fundamentals of the animal remain the same.  The average length of the grey squirrel runs at approximately eighteen inches – and half of that is the tail, which typically runs about nine inches.  An adult grey squirrel will generally weigh between one and one and a half pounds.  As the name implies, these squirrels look grey, although up close you can see that their fur is actually rather salt and pepper, which of course mixes to look grey.  A lot of them have wiry tan hairs dotted throughout their fur and their bellies are white.   

By and large, the grey squirrel has a rather academic bent, as you can frequently see them on college campuses!  Their actual habitat, though, is very varied.  They live in urban areas and in woodland areas.  They have a penchant for oak trees, beech trees, and other trees which produce nuts.  Naturally, nuts are a large part of their diet, along with berries and seeds.  Grey squirrels sometimes dine on bird eggs as well, not to mention birds themselves when they are nestling, and on insects.   In the spring time especially, they are sometimes fond of various kinds of vegetation.  It is safe to say that grey squirrels enjoy a very well balanced diet. 

Unlike a lot of other squirrels, the grey squirrel does not hibernate during the winter months.  They are also very active in the day time and enjoy scurrying about and foraging for food.  On that note, they tend to be very shy little creatures.  However, when they are fed, their inherent feelings of bashfulness tend to disappear. 

There are a lot of wild mammals in the world.  Of all of them, squirrels are probably the most plentiful.  In Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, and who knows how many other places, squirrels are as much a part of the population as people.  We are especially familiar with them because, as mentioned above, they are very active during the day.  They differ from a lot of other squirrels in many ways, aside of the fact that they do not hibernate. 

For instance, most other squirrels are almost solely vegetarians.  However, as mentioned, grey squirrels do eat birds and their eggs on occasions, and they certainly enjoy insects.  They are also larger than most squirrels, since many of their brethren tend to be about fifteen inches in length with seven and a half inch tails. 

Grey squirrels do not typically take advantage of being larger, however.  In spite of the fact that they have been known to steal eggs, they are inherently friendly and curious little creatures.  Their shyness extends to other members of the animal kingdom, unless they are feeling threatened in some way.