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 We are Experienced and licensed technicians in your area that will come to your home, investigate and give you the best possible solution to your issue. We are a Wildlife Removal Company and not a marketing company! We hail from Jackson County WV and service the Beckley area. We work with local government, State government and are a solid solution to any wildlife issue you may have.
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Animal Control Services in Mabscott, WV.
Mabscott, WV Animal control can be very much diffident than the humane society. Animal control in the wildlife point of view is the process of removing wild animals from your home or office and giving the option of a exclusion or preventative repairs to ensure no future conflicts. The Wildlife Professionals of Mabscott, WV will not do domestic Animal control or domestic animal removal.
We only remove nuisance wildlife animals.

Mabscott, West Virginia Squirrel removal 
In Mabscott, WV as like most states in our great nation squirrels are abundant. Mabscott, WV Squirrels have learned to take up residence in the attics spaces, in the eaves, gable vents and even chimneys. In Mabscott, WV Squirrel Removal is only the first step to the processes, once the culprit squirrel is evicted From Your property an exclusion must be performed to ensure complete Squirrel control.


Mabscott, WV Squirrel Removal must be priority Whether is bats in the attic, squirrels in the attic, raccoons in the attic or chimney or rodents in your attic space. The Wildlife Professionals of Mabscott, WV can trap and remove them from your property. Dead Squirrel Removal too.


Mabscott, West Virginia Raccoon Removal
In Skelton, WV as like most states in our great nation Raccoon’s are abundant. Raccoon’s have learned that the attics Chimneys and soffits of our homes can be a safe place to have babies and live. In Mabscott, WV Raccoon Removal is only the first step. Exclusion of the raccoon’s that were living in the attic is Paramount to conclusion of issue.

Mabscott, WV Bat Removal Services in
Skelton West Virginia by Mabscott, WV Bat colony and Skelton, WV bat infestation removal experts in Skelton, WV Bat Control by humanly removing the bats using a “One Way Bat Door”  Safest way to remove and protect bats and safely allow bats to naturally leave a structure!


Do you have squirrels in the attic  in your Mabscott, West Virginia Home? Do you have raccoons in the attic In Mabscott, WV? are you hearing unexplained sounds coming from the attic? is there scratching in the wall. do you have snakes in the yard?  have you seen opossum in the trash at night? have you seen or heard bats in the attic in Mabscott, West Virginia ? have you found a snake skin in the basement or attic space? have you heard unexplained noises in the chimney? smelling foul odors that may be a skunk under your house or in the crawlspace and heating ducts? Do you have alligators? Do you have an alligator in you yard or pool? Do you need alligator removal and control?


Skelton, WV Bat Removal is an issue due to the amount of guano(droppings) that can accumulate. Bat’s guano carry many health hazards including histoplasmosis that  causes respiratory issues. Not to mention the weight of the accumulated guano will actually weigh down the ceiling -in some cases cause the ceiling to fail and fall into the living place.


  • Mabscott, Wildlife -Animal Control and Removal
  • Mabscott, WV Get rid of Squirrels in your attic, Removal and Control
  • Mabscott, WV Get rid of Raccoons In your attic, Removal and Control
  • Get rid of Bats in your attic, Mabscott, WV Removal and Control
  • Mabscott, WV Attic insulation removal and replacement
  • Bat Removal Mabscott, WV
  • Mabscott, WV Dead animal Removal
  • Bat box installation


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Charleston, WV bats in the attic-Bat Removal

Bat removal
Charleston, WV Bat Control

Bat control by bat removal experts in Charleston, WV call 304-395-1400

The Wildlife Professionals in Charleston, WV certified and licensed  Bat removal and bat control company. With over a decade of proven bat removal and bat control experience and licensed in Charleston, WV with the highest regards to humane wildlife removal.

Working with state and local Division of Natural Resources agents we have provided consistent bat removal and bat control for Charleston, WV and have followed all laws and restrictions provided by the bat conservation groups.

We are a no kill company for bat retention and bat removal in Charleston, WV. We only use humane bat removal products and techniques. certified and licensed  Bat removal and bat control company. With over a decade of proven bat removal and bat control experience and licensed in Charleston, WV with the highest regards to humane wildlife removal.

Working with state and local Division of Natural Resources agents we have provided consistent bat removal and bat control for all three states and have followed all laws and restrictions provided by the bat conservation groups.

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New Orleans, LA Bat Removal-Bats in the attic

The Wildlife Professionals
New Orleans LA
Bat Removal Services

Call 504-407-1210

The Wildlife Professionals in New Orleans, LA certified and licensed  Bat removal and bat control company. With over a decade of proven bat removal and bat control experience and licensed in New Orleans, LA with the highest regards to humane wildlife removal.

Working with state and local Division of Natural Resources of New Orleans, LA agents we have provided consistent bat removal and bat control for New Orleans, LA and have followed all laws and restrictions provided by the bat conservation groups.

We are a no kill company for bat retention and bat removal in New Orleans, LA . We only use humane bat removal products and techniques. certified and licensed  Bat removal and bat control company. With over a decade of proven bat removal and bat control experience and licensed in New Orleans, LA with the highest regards to humane wildlife removal.

Working with state and local Division of Natural Resources agents we have provided consistent bat removal and bat control for all three states and have followed all laws and restrictions provided by the bat conservation groups.

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Bat Control and Bat Removal in Wisconsin ​Call (920) 785-8647

Bat Removal by Bat removal experts


Bat Removal in Wisconsin can be difficult to say the least. Bats in the attic can spend a lot of time in the attic without notice. Typically it is when a lost bat finds it way into the house living area that most homeowners discover that they indeed have an bat issue.

bat can enter gable vents. typically they will cling to the louvers and the urine will eventually erode the screen and they will enter the home, Although this is a frequent issue bats can actually fit in the smallest of spaces. A bat in the house can be scary. its always best to secure the area the bat is found until a professional can remove and inspect thehome for more bat or wildlife issues.

The city of Wisconsin has specific guidelines for removing animals and animal control. It is important to find a experienced wildlife and animal control company to service your needs.


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Bat Removal in Sacramento CA 209-791-0847-Bats in the attic removal

Bat removal
Sacramento CA Bat removal and Bat Control and bats in the attic removal


Sacramento CA Bat removal by bat removal experts in Sacramento. When you need a bat in the house removed, or you have a bat colony in the attic that needs to be relocated The Wildlife Professionals can not only inspect your property and ascertain the issue, we can safely and humanely removal the bat threat or bat control issue from your house, business or church.


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