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Red milk snake (Lampropeltis triangulum syspila) User licence kindly provided to Wikipedia under the GFDL by photographer: Mike Pingleton Mike’s page (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snake removal in Jackson, MS

Snake removal in Jackson, Mississippi has became a frequent call for our local pest animal removal offices in Jackson. reptiles such as snakes will follow rodents such as mice and rats into the homesĀ  that rodents are becoming a rodent infestation. So a snake in the house is typically a red flag for a larger issue!

Snake Control in Jackson, MS

Snake control in Jackson, MS is not a pest control issue! a snake in the yard, house or garage can be a larger issue than just this siting of the snake. snake control can be as simple as trapping for the snake to performing a snake exclusion or a snake preventative maintenance.

Snake found in the garage in Jackson, MS

When snakes are found in the home or business it is typically due to underlying issues and should be handled by professionals. Simply sankes are found in many places around properties such as:

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  • Snake found in the basement in Jackson, MS
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