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English: Trans-Pecos rat snake (Bogertophis su...
English: Trans-Pecos rat snake (Bogertophis subocularis) at the Louisville Zoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snake Removal in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas Area.
Snake calls are a normal call for nuisance wildlife professional. A snake call can consist of a normal snake extraction from a yard to a full on snake infestation.

Snake Control in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas Area.
Snake control can be summed up with the capture and prevention of future snake issues. Snake control in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas Area can be performed by experienced snake trapping and snake handling professionals. The use of certain types of repellents can be used.

Snake Habitats .
Snake habitats vary for each species of snake, A venomous snake such as the Copperhead snake like leaf litter and dark damp places to set up an ambush for its prey. The common black snake likes dark confined places such as a crawlspace or attic space due to the fact that they are of the few species of snakes that do not need the sun to aid in digestion. Other snakes have adapted to the environment.

Food for snakes.
A snake starts out when born with the ability to consume insects such as water bugs, roach, spiders and pretty much any bug they can catch. As they begin to grow they will change their eating habits to include small animals such a mice, frogs, bird eggs, and crayfish.

Copperhead closeup
Copperhead closeup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once fully grown all snake’s will look for lager prey such as rodents, rats, bats, birds, rabbits and anything they can swallow and digest. A snake regardless of poisonous or non poisonous can be found in a house that may have a pest control issue.

Why do I have a snake in the house?
It is simple! If there is a snake in the structure there is a simple reason for it. Most snakes that enter a building are looking for a food source. Bugs, insects and rodent are the typical food source for a snake.

Are all snakes poisonous?
No and to be completely honest the majority of snake calls a wildlife professional will get are for non-poisonous snakes in the home. This does not make a snake in the house any less dramatic. Snake’s scare most everyone. We are trained or have learned to fear them from a young age. A snake in the home is a red flag of another issue you may not even are aware of.

Never assume a snake is harmless! Let the professionals do that!!

How do I determine if a snake is poisonous?
It is extremely dangerous to make assumptions about a snake. If you run across a snake it is always best to avoid them and call a pro snake control agent to remove the snake threat in your home. If the snake were in your yard, home, business or garage then it would be safest to call a professional snake control person.

Why hire a wildlife professional for snake control?
It is safer to have a trained and experienced snake professional inspect and remove the snake safely and without injury to the snake or your family.

Do Snake traps work?
Yes. As long as it is baited or placed in the precise place in order to maximize the chances of capture. Snake Exclusion is the best way to prevent future issues.

English: American-Copperhead snake Agkistrodon...
English: American-Copperhead snake Agkistrodon contortrix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do snake repellents work?
There are repellents that work for certain species of snakes. And it is best to hire a snake removal professional that can identify the issue and use the proper repellent suitable for your issue.

Few of the calls we get every year are as followed.
A snake found in the yard, A snake found in the garage, A snake found in the bathroom, Snake found in crawlspace, Found a snakeskin in the attic, Snake Animal Control, Do snakes feed on insects? Do snakes feed on rodents? Rat Snake removal, Milk Snake in Crawlspace, Poisonous snake removal, Non-poisonous snake removal, Snake Exclusion in Dallas, TX.

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