Bat flying in my house in Houston Texas 832-324-9035 Bat in the kitchen

Bats are amazing creatures! In fact they are the only known flying mammal. A bat can consume its own weight in insect every night and that makes them so special.

Sad as it is sometimes a bat colony will find their way into a home. usually they take up residence in an attic or chimney of a home. This bat colony can go undetected for some time. It is only when a bat is found in a house, room, kitchen, living room or bathroom that the issue becomes apparent .

Chances are if you find a bat in the home or a room in your home you may have a bigger issue. it is always best to call a bat professional to inspect the property to ascertain if there is a larger issue. If not the problem can go unchecked and more bats will most likely find their way into your house.

The leading call in most bat removal or control companies call center is a bat in the house. A bat in the house is a red flag to bat removal agents that there is an issue that the homeowner may not even know exists. In some cases this is the call or issue that presents the major bat infestation to the homeowner.

Most bat removal companies will not charge a fee to inspect and if there is a fee it is usually small. Either way it is best to make sure of the issue and how to take care of said bat issue if it exists.