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Bat removal in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bats are amazing flying mammals, because they can eat up to their own body weight in insects every night. The benefits that a bat colony provide our ecosystem are paramount.

Bites by a bat are very uncommon but have happened. Bats are typically non aggressive unless provoked or in some cases because they are ill ( Rabies). There are a few species of bats in Salt Lake, but typically the Big Brown Bat species are the bats that tend to be found living in attic spaces, chimney and eaves of homes, houses, office and church buildings.

When looking for Bat Removal in Salt Lake City, Utah always us a professional wildlife removal company. Bats are awesome, though they have no business in our homes!

Raccoon removal in Salt Lake City, UT.

Everyone loves the charismatic and adorable raccoon. They are fun to watch in trees at our local parks, but when a raccoon finds it way into your attic or chimney they lose that affability pretty fast. Raccoon will use attic insulation as a latrine or toilet area and contaminate all of your attic insulation.

Baby raccoon’s can crawl down walls and in between floor spaces making an awful racket that can make it very difficult to sleep for homeowner. The damage from a raccoon in an attic can cost homeowners thousand of dollars.

If you think you need Raccoon removal in Salt Lake City, UT make sure to use an experienced and trained wildlife control company to trap, remove and exclude or fix the entry areas to prevent future occurrences.

Squirrel removal in Salt Lake City, UT.

Squirrels can be seen everywhere from country side to the urban settings and even in the down town areas. Running across power lines and trees. squirrels are rodents and thus chew on wood, electrical wiring and anything they can get their teeth on.

When dealing with squirrel issues they are found more often in the attic and the chimney areas of a building. Of course a squirrel in the attic is dangerous due to electrical wiring that they tend to chew on that can cause fires.

If you decide you need Squirrel removal in Salt Lake City, UT by squirrel removal professionals always use a respected squirrel trapping pro.


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Mexican Free Tailed Bat, Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Bats in your home or business

In all parts of our nation, Bats are of great benefit to the environment. However, when bats take up residence in a Dallas Texas home, it can be a daunting task to evict them.

Bats typically take residence in attic spaces of homes, churches, and other buildings. They can live there for years without a Dallas Texas homeowner ever knowing.

This is a serious issue due to the amount of guano(droppings) that can accumulate in attic spaces and eaves. Bat guano can carry many health hazards including histoplasmosis, which causes respiratory issues. Not to mention the weight of the accumulated guano will actually weigh down the ceiling -in some cases cause the ceiling to fail and fall into your Dallas Texas living space.

Bats also have another secret weapon in their arsenal. Most carry Bat bugs. Bat bugs are almost identical to bed bugs, and cause the same issues. Bat bugs will feed on the blood of anything living and can be very difficult to get rid of.
Bat removal can be dangerous due to the diseases they may carry, Let the professionals handle it for you!

A Bats Diet Can Mean Bad News For Dallas Residents

Although various bat species eat different kinds of food, the vast majority consume a variety of insects such as moths, beetles, gnats, and crickets. Which are common to have around homes and businesses in and around Dallas Texas.

Seminole Bat, Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Overwintering in
To survive the winter some species of bat may migrate, hibernate, or others go into torpor (regulated hypothermia that can last from a few hours to a few months).

Gestation: 40 days – 6 months (bigger bats have longer gestation periods)
Litter Size: Mostly one pup
For their size, bats are the slowest reproducing mammals on Earth. At birth, a pup weighs up to 25 percent of its mother’s body weight, which is like a human mother giving birth to a 31 pound baby! Offspring typically are cared for in maternity colonies, where females congregate to bear and raise the young. Male bats do not help to raise the pups

Based on this information alone, home and business owners in Dallas Texas start to understand a bat infestation can be a big issue, and grow even larger if not taken care of by a professional.

If you have a bat problem, or suspect you have a Dallas Texas bat invasion, Call The Wildlife Professionals today! (972)-277-1226

We can help you safely and effectively remove bats from your Dallas Texas home or business!

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