Skunk Removal in Dallas, Texas 940-268-5422 Skunk Trapping

Skunks are amazing creatures. Often black with white stripes down their back. They feed of grubs and various vegetation. A skunk can reek havoc on a lawn tearing holes into landscaping and well as cause distressful Oder for all to smell.

Trapping a skunk can be very difficult due to the fact that the skunk can still shoot its weapon from inside a cage. do it yourself people often call our call center stating they caught the animal but can not get near it to remove the skunk.

A skunk will only use it’s weapon if it feels threatened and it is important to understand this. once a skunk is in a cage it is automatically in threatened mode. If you don’t know how to handle this the chances are you will be skunk sprayed.

Skunk will burrow under decks, outbuilding and even in crawlspaces of homes. So catching the culprit skunk won’t always guaranty that a skunk or or offspring will not take her or his place.

Skunk trapping is the first part in the process. A full skunk exclusion is the only way to make sure no future skunk issues occur. This includes trapping the skunk and then closing entries with various methods to make sure the skunk issue never happens again.

Only a trained wildlife removal tech trained in skunk removal can assure such measures.