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Rat and snake removal
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If you are bitten by a snake : 
First thing is was the snake venomous? If you know you have been bitten by a harmless snake in Jacksonville Florida, it will save you much stress and eliminate the need for treatment. Many people are bitten by harmless snakes each year and experience nothing but small scratches that readily heal. If you are certain a venomous snake was involved, get to the nearest hospital or medical facility as quickly as possible. If possible, notify them ahead of time via telephone of your situation. This gives the physician time to prepare and call the nearest poison information center for advice. 

Snake removal in Jacksonville, Florida.

As In Jacksonville Florida Snakes are in every state of our country. you will at one time or more in your life run across them, whether in your garden, garage or even in your home.

Eastern Rat snakes are one of my favorite snakes just because they are so fascinating. For one thing they don’t need the sun to metabolize their foods. this means that they don’t have to be out in the sun to digest their meals. they hang out in crawl spaces and even attics for months at a time where other snakes would need to come and go.

So its no wonder that in Jacksonville Florida I am called on most of my reptile calls to remove them.

Copperhead Snakes or Agkistrodon Contortrix
Theses snakes can vary in color from grey to Brown Cross bands to light brown variations.
When Copperhead snakes are born (alive, and not from eggs) they look like adults except for the yellowish or greenish tail coloration.

Copperhead Habitat:  Most copperhead snakes prefer open Rocky Woodland , Rock Edges, and open grassland near woodland outcrops. Copperheads blend in tremendously with most leaf litter. In the Summer(Hot) Months Copperheads become nocturnal. In Spring and Fall they are often found on Wooded Hilltop Rock Outcrops with a southern exposure in 
Jacksonville Florida.

Mother Copperhead snakes typically give birth from August to October depending the area or state they live in, and they give live birth and not from eggs.
Food consists of insects, frogs, toads, lizards,small birds, other snake and they love rodents.

Prairie Rattlesnake: Crotalus Viridus
a Pitt Viper Snake, Has one of the largest rattles of most if rattlesnakes. Dark Gray or Brown Blotches, Head body and tail are greenish gray to brown. Tails bands are similar color to body blotches, belly grayish white. youth looks similar to adults.
Habitat: Rocky Canyon or open prairies with abundant small wildlife that burrow to feed upon. They are burrow explorer experts.
in Spring and fall they prefer south facing hillsides with large rock outcrops.
Summer months they become nocturnal exploring the grasslands and prairies for food such as lizards, mice, rats, chipmunks, gophers, prairie dogs and other smaller snakes.

Pigmy Rattlesnake:
Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake:
The Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake is considered one of the largest rattlesnake in the U.S.A .These Pit vipers are dangerous to livestock, pets and human.
Size ranges for 10 inches to 60 inches (that’s five feet long) These awesome snake are born alive and not from eggs. their venom is a hemotoxic venom that attacks the blood system

Eastern Diamond Back Rattlesnake:
The Eastern Diamond Back Rattlesnake is the largest rattlesnake found in the U.S.A .These Pit vipers are dangerous to livestock, pets and human.
Size ranges for 10 inches to 8 feet in length and weighing in at around 10 pounds. These awesome snake are born alive and not from eggs. their venom is a hemotoxic venom that attacks the blood system
You can find theses pit vipers around dry pine, Flatwoods, Pine leaf litter, and Coastal Scrub or brush areas.

Water Moccasin Snake: Venomous
Coral Snake: Venomous
Timber Rattlesnake: Venomous
Massasaugas Rattlesnake : Venomous

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Jacksonville Florida Snake Removal and Venomous Snake Control

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In Jacksonville, Florida snakes are found just about everywhere. From the farm Lands of Florida to the city streets in Jacksonville, Florida snakes can be found. Just because you live in the suburbs doesn’t mean you won’t run into a snake in the yard or even in your garage.

In the Jacksonville, Florida suburbs most snake bites occur when working in the landscaping or the pruning of ground cover shrubs and bush. It is always good to wear gloves and pay attention to the area your are working in. Most snakes will try their best to avoid you if you give them the chance.

Copperhead snakes love to feed off of insects and reptiles such as frogs and lizards that are found in the yards in Jacksonville, Florida suburbia.

Photographed on Triple J ranch in Burleson Cou...

The Copperhead snake loves moist areas that are sheltered from the sun and they will set up an ambush for their prey. This is when human contact can happen. Copperhead snake can blend into their surrounding using the camouflage of the skin color to hide their presence.

Rattlesnake can be found in the Jacksonville, Florida and in the city as well as the farm land. The Rattlesnake can deliver a devastating bite and should be avoided at all costs. The Rattlesnake will use its rattle located on its tail to warn those that come to close. Call your local Wildlife agent to remove the snake and inspect your property for reasons that the

snake was there to begin with.

Yellow striped black snake
Yellow striped black snake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Rat Snake or Black Snake are typically the most frequent calls a Jacksonville, Florida wildlife control expert receives. The rat snake can enter a home and live in the attic, basement or crawlspace for extended periods of time due to the fact that they do not need the sun digest their food. Rat snakes are usually are non aggressive unlike the black racer which can be very aggressive .

Coral snake can also be found in Jacksonville, Florida.
Eastern coral snake


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Jim found a snake in Jacksonville, Florida, Joan found a snake in her Jacksonville, Florida garage, Black rat snake caught in Jacksonville, Florida Snake job in Jacksonville, Florida Copper head removal in Jacksonville, Florida, King Snake removal in Jacksonville, Florida, Water snake caught in Jacksonville, Florida, John found a snake skin in his attic, Cane brake are a poisonous snake and should be treated with respect. Tim found a dead copper head snake in his bathroom in Jacksonville, Florida While putting boxes in the attic for storage Kim saw a snake in the attic, Rattlesnake removed in Jacksonville, Florida King snakes are non poisonous and should be allowed to live in peace. Stephanie found a copperhead stuck on a glue board in her Jacksonville, Florida House. Black rat snakes feed on rodents and if you have a rodent issue you may get a snake control issue as well if left untreated.

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Snakes! Snakes! Snakes! I have a snake in the house!! These are but a few calls we get in the local Tampa area in snake removal and snake catching calls. Sankes can find their way into homes in Tampa looking for food such as mice, rats or rodents.

Snake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do snakes end up in homes and business in Tampa ? The answer is simple a snake is simply looking for food. When rodents such as mice or rats enter a home it is a matter of time before predators such as raccoon, opossum or snakes will move in to take advantage of the food source.

A snake is made for rodent warfare and is equipped for rodent and pest elimination or decimation. It is a fact the common rat snake will decimate or kill the majority of a rodent colony and leave close to 10 % alive to revive the rodent colony for future harvesting of the rats. I think this is an amazing utilization of the assets at their disposal. Snake removal both poisonous and non poisonous or venomous or non venomous snake should be handled by wildlife removal professionals and not pest control or pest removal extermination companies due to poisons and sub par work or non professional standard removal of the snake or snakes.

A snake in the home is a huge red flag for a larger issue! It really doesn’t what snake is found in your home regardless of whether it is a copperhead, black snake or a common ring neck snake. The snake is simply there for a reason! A professional snake handler or snake control expert can ascertain the issue and give viable solutions to your snake problem.

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