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How to get rid of a squirrel in Lexington, KY

How does one get rid of squirrels that invade the house, business or even your church?

Squirrel (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

Well the answer isn’t always an easy one. Due to there rodent nature squirrel can chew through just about any wood material, metal material and any synthetic materials to gain access to the structure. This includes electrical wiring in the wall and attic areas.

Squirrel removal from squirrel infested areas are best completed by squirrel trapping and squirrel excluding companies in Lexington as in any other city in Kentucky. A trained and state licensed nuisance wildlife

removal agent can inspect and give a detailed quote for removal of the

squirrel and the work needed to exclude the squirrel and preventative

repair work with a valid warranty on their work .

a squirrel infestation can happen in eaves,

attic space, scratching in the walls, noises in the attic and holes in

the house or building that they can enter and exit. Gable vent are

common areas of entry and will need to be addressed.

Although typically squirrel invade homes

Squirrel (Photo credit: glacial23)

when they are having their young it is not uncommon for a squirrel to
enter a structure through out the year due to the fact they see the area
as a home for them.

The fact is that each and every year squirrel removal calls to pest control

and animal removal companies have increased dramatically and companies

such as The Wildlife Professionals in Lexington have stepped in to

fight the nuisance wildlife conflicts and give homeowners peace of mind

and a safe home to sleep in, business to conduct business and a safe

church to worship!

We recommend Steve Johnson with The Wildlife Professionals @ 859-595-5908 Lexington Kentucky

We recommend Harley Carnell with The Wildlife Professionals @ 336-240-9317 in Lexington NC

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Downtown Lexington, KY
Downtown Lexington, KY (Photo credit: Jwombles)
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