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Bats are the only flying mammal and contribute to our ecosystem by eating insects every night from spring till the fall season. With out bats we would have serious insect issues. It is very important never to use poisons or kill traps to remove a bat colony from your property and never use a bat extermination company due to laws that protect the bats.

There are a wide variety of species of bats through out our nation. Big brown bats, Mexican free tailed bats and small brown bats are the most common found to reside in attic spaces and chimney of properties depending on the region. These bats choose homes attic spaces to have any young simply because of the safety and shelter the attic provides for having baby bats. A bat colony can thrive for years in an attic without the homeowner never even suspecting that they are there. In fact in most cases it is only when a bat is found flying around inside the house that the Houston homeowner is alerted to the problem.

If you feel you have a need for bat removal and think you need the bat or bats removed it is always best to use a professional removal company that is an expert in the Houston Texas area. Wildlife removal companies are the best bet in this process. Some pest control companies try to remove bats and some are not equipped or have the proper training to remove bats safely or completely. Bat removal is very difficult and a  do-it-yourself homeowner that tries to remove the colony on their own typically makes it more difficult for the professional to fix when called to remove the bats.

The only true way to rid a bat is by exclusion and the use of a one way bat door or bat cone that allows the to exit the attic and will prevent access back in. The exclusion or bat seal up will prevent access around the perimeter of the home. Always use an expert to save yourself time, money and the aggravation of trying to do it your self.

I have seen some really shoty bat work from pest control and inexperienced companies over the years, This is why I wrote this page. The wildlife removal industry is always advancing in techniques and processes so a seasoned professional is most generally your best case if you want to rid yourself of bats in your home for good.