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Rat and snake removal
Snake Control WV

I love snakes!!! I love everything about them! We have been in Wildlife removal and animal control for over ten years in the greater Charleston WV area.

I get so excited when I get a snake removal call in Charleston West Virginia because I know that it is usually a black snake or a rat snake that is causing the snake removal issue and these guys are amazing and I do everything I can to preserve and protect them, remove them and make sure you never have an issue with them again.

The rat snake does not need the sun to metabolize or digest their food; which depending on their age is insects, lizards or rodents. This means that the rat snake can live in a crawlspace or in the attic for long periods of time.

So it is no coincidence I get snake removal calls in Charleston West Virginia for the common black snake, either from seeing a snake in the garage, a snake in the attic, snake skin in the attic, snake in the yard, snake on the deck, snake in the pool, snake in the hot tub, snake trap, how to trap a snake, How do I get rid of snakes? Who gets rid of snakes? I am trying cover the basis of snake removal here. SO people such as you have a fantastic person or company to help you instead of a marketing company that will just send anyone! When it comes to snake control we can literally send a British man that loves snakes as much as me to come! no I am not making this up! Chris is amazing he loves snakes as much or mabe more than I do!

(British guy may or may not be available):P

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