Why do we have bats in our house-attic? Call (920) 785-8647

Why do we have bats in our house-attic? The answer is always simple, there are many reasons a bat can and will find it’s way into your home. The most notable would be that you have a bat issue some where in your home; weather it be bats in the attic, bats in your eaves or gutter line, bats living in your house siding( usually lose or torn siding), bats in the chimney and bats in the gable vent areas.

Bat removal
Green Bay, Wisconsin Bat Control – Bat Removal

Most of the time though we have found that when a bat is found in the home it is a juvenile or baby bat that is just learning to fly and inadvertently gets lost and gets trapped in the living space of your home and is seen flying around the house trying to find a way out.

Sometimes, but not usually a bat will fly through and open window or door.

Female bats or mama bats only tend to have one offspring a year and this is why it so important that we do not harm the bats trapped in a home or business building. Our federal government actually protects harming bats by law and persecution. SO would be do it your selfers be ware and make sure you follow the guidelines set forth by the bat conservatory or you could face penalties or even jail time.

If in fact you have a bat issue in your home it is best to call a bat removal professional such as The Wildlife Professionals of Green Bay, Wisconsin to inspect the issue and give you the information needed to make the right decision as how to handle the bat issue.

We use one way bat doors to remove bat colonies from the attic, chimney and siding. This allows the bats to safely leave the home and prevent them from re entry safely and with out harm to the bats or the bat colony.

If you have a bat removal issue in Bellevue WI, Pine Grove WI, De Pere WI, Oneida WV, Howard WI, Suamico WI, Kunesh WI, Anston WI, Pittsfield WI, Isaar WI, Kewaunee WI, Luxemburg WI, Algona WI, Brussels WI, Sturgeon Bay WI, Valmy WI, Carlsville WI, Egg Harbor WI, Fish Creek WI, Ephraim WI, Sister Bay WI, Rowleys Bay WI, Gills Rock WI, Washington WI, Little Saumico WI, Oconto WI, Oconto Falls WI, Lena WI, Peshigo WI, Coleman WI, Pound WI, Breed WI, Suring WI, Cecil WI, Bonduel Wisconsin please give us a call.


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