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Boston, MA Raccoon in a tree heading from attic


Our raccoon removal by raccoon control experts in Boston, MA has been implemented by homeowners and business alike for years in the Boston, MA area. With experienced raccoon trapping and wildlife removal technicians we are the best bet for affordable Raccoon removal in Boston, MA.

Experience and professionalism are the reason we have been celebrated as top wildlife control operators in the metro Boston, MA area. Our staff are knowledgeable in all things raccoon and all other wildlife control or wild animal conflicts.

We specialize in :

  • Bat Removal and attic bat colony removal in Boston, MA
  • Raccoon removal and attic raccoon family control in Boston, MA
  • Squirrel in the attic removal and trapping in Boston, MA
  • Opossum or possum removal in Boston, MA
  • Bird in the attic control in Boston, MA
  • Attic Restoration and insulation installation in Boston, MA
  • Snake removal and snake control in Boston, MA
  • Pest Control in Boston, MA

Raccoon in the attic in Boston, MA.

Raccoons sometimes find ways in to structures such as business buildings, church and homes. If you find that you may have a raccoon issue in the attic of your home, church or business we can inspect, trap and remove the problem raccoon in Boston, MA.

Be careful trying to handle any raccoon conflict on your own! A raccoon can be aggressive, especially when they have young raccoon babies or pups. The most common occurrence of bites from raccoon to human happens when trapping of an raccoon  by an inexperienced person tries to remove or release a raccoon.

We use nothing but humane techniques to remove the raccoon issue in Boston, MA. Best to use humane and safe methods in removing raccoon conflicts from your home or business! Better safe than sorry!

Raccoon in the back yard in Boston, MA.

Raccoons love to invade trash cans and cat or dog food left on Boston, MA porch areas. This is an easy way for the raccoon to get food. if your trash is not secure or you feed domestic animals on the back porch there is a good chance an raccoon or opossum that will find and eat or tear into the trash.

Raccoon in the chimney in Boston, MA.

Sometimes a pregnant female raccoon will decide that your chimney would be a suitable place to have raccoon babies.

The signs that you have an issue will be noises from the attic, chimney or even the walls. noises tend to pay tricks. After the pups are born they will begin to become active and cause tremendous noises.

Bottom line is if your believe you have a raccoon in the attic and need raccoon removal in

Boston, MA give us a call and know you are in the best possible hands !

Dead raccoon removal in Boston, MA.

Lets face it all living beings die, raccoon is no exception, in fact if the raccoon is living in your house it is possible that either the raccoon or their young will die in the areas that it most difficult to get to.

Raccoon or dead raccoon removal are removed from crawlspace, chimney, attic, under house rafters and even dead raccoon removed from the walls. If you are dealing with any dead animal smell give us a call and we can remove and disinfect the areas the dead animal is found as well as close all entries or holes that the animal use to gain access to your home or business.

We cover Boston, Massachusetts, Brookline, Newton, Waltham, Belmont, Somerville, Medford, Lexington, Winchester, Woburn, Burlington, Wakefield, Reading, Lynn, Saugus, Revere, Winthrop, Quincy, Milton, Dorchester, Dedham, Weymouth, Norwood, lowell, Brockton and all surrounding areas.


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