Seo Approach to Bloggs

As an SEO,I forgot about the value of utilizing the arsenal available to you as a SEO. Blogs are a fantastic way to both get your information out there and have the valuable back links or anchors to your website. These blogs are easy ways to throw out content you as a seo are not sure about and are able to see this content placement on a agro search. regardless of placement it allows real time data that will allow you fix or tweak your content for a viable website and if things go well allows for a fantastic back link or call volume increase!

Also although Google nerfed the blog experience, other search engines have not. One has to remember that even if google is the goal there are other search engines out there that hit a valued customer base! If we forget about them we are simply leaving money on the table.

I get 76% of my website visits from google . this is at combined 47k visits a month, I hit close to 8k on the others because I didn’t forget about them

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