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Raccoon removal and trapping for Raccoons in the attic Call 832-324-9035

If you ever had an issue with an animal living in your attic, then you will know that it is an excruciating issue with sleeping. The animal in your attic seems to know exactly when you are ready to go to bed and sleep and it will do it’s best to keep you from that simple act.

Sleep.. it seems so easy, yet at the moment you lay down the critter in the attic decides it’s awake and you should be too. And there is nothing you can do besides bang on the wall or the ceiling in hopes that it will quiet down long enough for you to get sleep.

It is a frustrating thing to deal with. “Damn theses animals in the attic!” you may scream. The truth is they really don’t care about you.

Most likely the noises in the attic are either squirrels or raccoons in your attic and they are there to start a family. In fact most animals in the attic (bats, raccoons, squirrels or opossum) are there to start a family of there own at your expense.

A raccoon will find a attic space a fitting place to live and thrive and thus a great place to give birth to baby raccoons. Wildlife removal agents can trap and remove them and clean the areas they saw fit to use as a latrine in your insulation.  This is called an attic restoration in Texas.

Raccoon removal can be described in may ways. First is trapping the raccoon and removal of the raccoon from the property. The second is using pheromones mimicking predators that make the female raccoon vacate the young before sealing up the entries.

Wildlife Control can be completed by Houston TX animal control experts call   832-324-9035


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