Raccoon Problems?Raccoon Issues? Call 972-277-1226 Dallas Texas Raccoons in the attic removal

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A Raccoon at Cologne Zoo Français : Un Raton Laveur Español: Uno Mapache Italiano: Un procione lavatore Português: Guaxinim Română: Un raton Русский: Енот-полоскун в Кёльнском зоопарке Suomi: Pesukarhu vesialtaan äärellä Kölnin eläintarhassa Svenska: tvättbjörn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raccoons or the Bandit-masked trash raider, can be found just about everywhere in the United States. These ubiquitous mammals are found in forests, marshes, prairies, and even in urban cities. Raccoons can adapt to just about any situation or living condition. With their dexterous front feet they can find and take advantage of a wide variety of habitats. Raccoons will eat just about anything, from crayfish in creeks to the cat or dog food on your back porch in.

Recently animal control in nuisance raccoon related calls in Dallas, TX have increased due to the encroachment of urban life into wildlife habitat. When a raccoon enters your home or business it can cause both structural damage and biological issues.

WARNING: Raccoon scat (poop) or droppings may contain the eggs of raccoon roundworm, Baylisascaris procyonis, which can be fatal to humans, so handling it is not advisable. If you do find a raccoon latrine in your attic or near your home, get professional help with the cleanup. If you clean it up yourself, you risk exposing yourself to the disease. Baylisascaris procyonis “is a well-known cause of visceral, ocular, and neural larva migrans in humans and other animals.”

Once you are aware of a raccoon in the attic or a raccoon in the chimney it is important to contact a local Dallas, TX animal control or wildlife professional as soon as possible, Also it may be a good idea to contact your insurance agent and make them aware as well. Insurance companies in Dallas, TX sometimes help or cover the feces impacted insulation removal.

A raccoon’s diet can range from fruits and plants to mice, snakes, nuts, berries, wasps, frogs, squirrels and insects. They raid trash cans in Dallas, TX forest campsites and even in suburbia. Their natural habitat consists of tree holes, raccoon under an outbuilding, and raccoon under a porch, a fallen log or even a house’s attic space.

Female coons have one to six cubs. The young often spend the first few months in the nesting area such as an attic. Raccoon that live in the attic can make a lot of noises in the ceiling or walls making it almost impossible to sleep because raccoon’s are nocturnal.

Raccoon’s tend to gorge themselves in spring and summer to store up body fat; they spend much of the winter in the living area. There are six other species of raccoons.

Trapping the raccoon in the attic is the first step, raccoon in the eaves or the raccoon in the chimney.
The raccoon feces left behind in the attic space and the holes the raccoon use as entry points need to be addressed. Exclusion and attic restoration are very important to prevent future raccoon infestation occurrences. Raccoon removal by animal control experts in coon control Call The Wildlife Professionals of Dallas, TX for all your wildlife conflicts.

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