Local Animal Control 631-867-2879 Queens, New York

Bat proofing by bat removal and bat control experts in removing bat colonies from attic crawlspaces in Queens, NY by Animal Control Professionals and bat infestation control Pro’s

We recommend The Wildlife Professionals Animal Control

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Bat (Photo credit: Lee Carson)

typically take residence in attic spaces of homes, churches – other
buildings. they can live there for years without the homeowner ever

In Queens, NY this is a serious issue due to the amount of guano(droppings) that can accumulate. Bat’s guano carry many health hazards
including histoplasmosis that  causes respiratory issues. Not to
mention the weight of the accumulated guano will actually weigh down the
ceiling -in some cases cause the ceiling to fail and fall into the
living place.

Health hazard

Health hazard (Photo credits: http://www.chemicallabels.com)

Bats also have another secret weapon in their arsenal. most carry Bat bugs. New York Bat bugs are almost identical to bed bugs
and cause the same issue. New York Bat bugs will feed on the blood of anything
living and can be very difficult on their own to get rid of.

The Wildlife Professionals of Queens, NY  are here to help. experienced, tried , true
The Wildlife Professionals are ready and geared(literally) to tackle
the job – do it right the first time! Queens Has been plagued with bats in the attic for lets just a long
while! I remember as a kids visiting my grandmothers house and sleeping
in the spare room and hearing screeching noises in the walls.

My Grandmother would say “its only the bats! they are house guests.. good to have to keep the insects down!”

This did not ease my mind as a child. I had many sleepless nights there. To have a bat in your home can be down right scary.

My grandmother passed away a long time ago, but I always remember that Queens, NY  house with bats in the attic!

Animal control dealing with raccoon in the attic and raccoon clean up services after trapping the raccoon. Squirrels are nuisance rodents that chew constantly.

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