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How does one get rid of bats in a house, business or a church? The answer can be not only difficult but expensive and the longer the issue is allowed to progress the more expensive the bat removal and bat guano clean up process can become. The plain truth is that if you are aware of a bat infestation in your attic or eaves it is best to have it addressed immediately!

English: Note: this is indicated as a big brow...

English: Note: this is indicated as a big brown bat if you search in the United States Fish and Wildlife Service website at using the keywords “big brown bat”. In a FWS newsletter, however, this is described as a little brown bat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Both the “little Brown Bat” and ” Big Brown Bat” are often the bats found dwelling in the attic, eaves and even in basement or walls. The first signs usually being sounds in the walls or attic ceiling. The second and usually the catalyst for a phone call to the pest animal control company is a bat found flying around in the house, business and even a church. This can be scary for many people and dangerous to!

Bats can carry a multitude of disease and fungal or bacterial infection causing agents.

So to answer the question ! It’s best to use a bat removal expert or a bat removal professional that can seal the property and use a “One way bat door” to remove all of the bats safely and humanely.

The one way bat door simply allows the bats access to exiting the property but does not allow access back. This is the most humane and safe way to remove bats from any house, business or church.

A female big brown bat, Eptesicus fuscus, thir...

A female big brown bat, Eptesicus fuscus, thirstily licks water from my glove. She got hit twice by a ceiling fan before I got the 2 a.m. call for her rescue. I gave her some water and some time to recuperate before releasing her. Most of the bats I rescue aren’t too happy about it, but she was a sweetie, probably because of the fan. View large for better detail. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We recommend Cary Town of The Wildlife Professionals of PA @ 412-737-4298. Licensed in Bat removal in the state of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia Cary can inspect the property and give a detailed quote for the removal of the bats, the feces impacted insulation, the bat guano or bat droppings from the property and finally a bio wash to decontaminate the infected area.


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